Support Services

The Council’s Administration Unit acts as a centralised point through which all service and general enquiries are received and either actioned at source, conveyed to relevant Service Managers or relayed to another appropriate authority.

Servicing the Council and its Committees:

The Council and its six ‘Standing Committees’ meet regularly in the Council Chamber at Maghull Town Hall. ‘Full Council’ meetings have a 6-8 week cycle throughout the year and ratify any decisions made by committees and sub-committees during each cycle. One of the major operational duties of the Central Administration Unit is the servicing of these committees, initially by provision of background information and feasibility reports and then production and archiving of Minutes. It is a legal requirement for decisions of the Council and its Committees to be recorded in this manner to ensure openness of the Council and its activities and that factual details are available for public scrutiny and posterity.

Statutory Compliance:

The Statutory Regulations applying to Parish/Town Councils are increasing all the time and the Administration Unit ensures the Council’s timely compliance with all such regulations.

Civic Responsibilities:

The Council elects a Town Mayor at its Annual General Meeting in May each year. It is the Administration Unit’s responsibility to ensure that all aspects and protocols of this role are duly observed and adhered to and that the Mayoral Diary is efficiently managed.

Facilitating Role:

Operating from the first floor of the Town Hall, the Administration Staff are able to provide a face-to-face service for residents and deal with a variety of enquiries and issues. Having developed a sound working relationship with Sefton Metropolitian Borough Council, staff are skilled at liaising with individual officers and departments, helping to cut through bureaucracy and deliver swift results via a partnership approach to resolving local issues.

Community & Commercial Hirings:

The Town Hall has excellent and varied facilities available on a ‘7-day, year round’ basis, which are in high demand. The Council is currently reviewing its marketing strategy; revenue from its commercial arm is a valuable source of additional income for community based activities and events. All aspects of individual hirings are processed via the Administration Unit.