Maghull Town Council is pleased to state that Maghull Cricket Club has agreed to sign the new lease as proposed by the Council. This will ensure that cricketing facilities are available in the town in the long term as the lease is for 50 years. The Council is delighted that the Club have agreed the terms and looks forward to a long and productive relationship with the Club.

Maghull Town Council is currently in talks with Maghull Cricket Club regarding the new lease for the facilities on Old Hall Playing Fields. As part of the process to demonstrate that the Council has obtained “best consideration” for the facilities, the facilities must be advertised in the local press for at least two weeks. Although The Club and the Council are close to agreeing the terms the advert needed to go in the press as soon as possible to avoid holding up the process. The Club was informed by letter on 13th June that the facilities at Old Hall Playing Fields would be advertised in the Champion newspaper and did not object to this. The Council then delayed submitting the advert until the Club had had their management meeting and all would be aware that this would happen.

The Council maintains that it would like to see the Club remain at its home at Old Hall Playing Fields. However, to avoid any challenges in the future this must be done properly and according to the legislation and be fair to the precept payers of Maghull. In order to assist with the transparency of the process and the Council’s position the Club’s submitted accounts have been published beneath this statement. For information no Club accounts were submitted to the Council in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Click HERE for the PDF version

Below are the accounts provided by the Maghull Cricket Club for 2010, 2011 and 2015. Chartered accounts have not been provided for 2012, 2013 and 2014. Click the link to access the documents:
MCC Accounts 2010
MCC Accounts 2011
MCC Accounts 2015

Statement Regarding Social Media Comments and Online Petition Relating to Maghull Cricket Club Leasehold Negotiations

Maghull Town Council is aware that users of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, have posted comments regarding ongoing leasehold negotiations between Maghull Town Council and Maghull Cricket Club, with regards to the Cricket Club at Old Hall Lane, Maghull.

Maghull Town Council is also aware that an online petition calling on Maghull Town Council not to close facilities (at the cricket club) by withdrawing funding has been set up via a Facebook community page.

Maghull Town Council fully supports the use of social media to disseminate information. Indeed, as an organisation, it is used on a daily basis to inform residents about our services, what events are coming up; and to receive information back from residents.

Whilst social media is an effective medium to disseminate information, to be truly effective, the information being shared needs to be accurate. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with regards to a number of Facebook posts and Twitter Tweets regarding ongoing leasehold negotiations between Maghull Town Council and Maghull Cricket Club.

Many posts and tweets this week have been inaccurate, and have resulted in some confusion about leasehold negotiations and/or the role(s) of Maghull Town Council

As a result, to be fair, open and transparent, the following facts concerning our on-going negotiations with Maghull Cricket Club are produced below:-

The current dual usage agreement between Maghull Town Council and Maghull Cricket Club was signed in January 1989. This lease is no longer lawful, and Maghull Town Council is legally required to set a rent based on market value.

In July 2016, Maghull Town Council commissioned Keppie Massie to conduct a market value assessment of Maghull Cricket Club.

To aid leasehold negotiations, a dedicated group comprised of Maghull Town Council Councillors & Officers, and representatives of Maghull Cricket Club have met since July 2016.

Based on the market value assessment completed by Keppie Massie, and discussions by the dedicated group, lease Heads of Terms have been produced and offered to Maghull Cricket Club. In summary, these Heads of Terms offer:-
A 50 year lease to Maghull Cricket Club, with scheduled commencement of April 2017.
A rent of £2,165.00 per annum
Maghull Cricket Club to have responsibility for the payment of utilities associated with Maghull Cricket Club
Maghull Cricket Club to have responsibility for taking bookings for the use of the Maghull Cricket Club e.g. social functions. All monies taken by Maghull Cricket Club to be received and kept by the club.
Maghull Cricket Club to have responsibility for the maintenance of all fire and intruder alarms.
Maghull Cricket Club to have responsibility for all internal and external building maintenance.
Maghull Town Council to retain responsibility for insuring Maghull Cricket Club building.

Maghull Town Council has offered Head of Terms to representatives of Maghull Cricket Club since March 2017. If Heads of Terms had been accepted by representatives of Maghull Cricket Club, the new lease was scheduled to commence in April 2017. However, to date, representatives of Maghull Cricket Club have refused to accept Heads of Terms offered, and no agreement has been reached.

An online petition to Maghull Town Council has been promoted via a community Facebook page requesting that funding to Maghull Cricket Club is not withdrawn, which would otherwise result in the closure of facilities.

Maghull Town Council does not “fund” Maghull Cricket Club. Instead, as a direct result of the terms of the lease signed in 1989, Maghull Town Council has been required to subsidise Maghull Cricket Club by paying utility bills; at the expense of Maghull residents who may or may not use Maghull Cricket Club.

The proposed Heads of Terms changes this; firmly giving responsibility for utility payments to Maghull Cricket Club, not to the precept payers of Maghull.

In addition to bills such as electricity, water and rates, there is an apportioned cost to Maghull Town Council for providing services for or on behalf of Maghull Cricket Club. These services have ranged from administrative services e.g. taking bookings for use of Maghull Cricket Club, to operational services such as waste collection or cutting grass.

Whilst this is an apportioned cost, no charge has ever been made against the cricket club. Instead, this is a “cost” to Maghull Town Council in terms of officer time, or a proportion of operational costs/time. In real terms, this is not a “cost” to Maghull Cricket Club Cricket Club, but is a cost or loss to Maghull Town Council in providing these services.

In light of the above, for the 2016/17 financial year, the cost to Maghull Town Council in subsidising Maghull Cricket Club was £23,406.00.

Should an agreement be reached, Maghull Cricket Club would not, be expected to meet apportioned costs given that a lot of what was provided by Maghull Town Council, would be transferred over to Maghull Cricket Club.

Utility and running costs would however need to be met by Maghull Cricket Club.

It is worth remembering that because Maghull Cricket Club constitutes a sporting facility, it would be entitled to an 80% discount with regards to its business rates.

Maghull Town Council does not want to see Maghull Cricket Club dissolve. Throughout leasehold negotiations, councillors and officers have been openly supportive – on several occasions offering advice to help develop business plans in order to grow and sustain the Cricket Club. Councillors and officers hold the cricket club in high regard as a community asset, and Facebook posts or twitter tweets to the contrary are inaccurate.