Neighbourhood Plan Evidence

To support our Neighbourhood Plan the Council has dedicated this page to showing the evidence that has been used to formulate our Plan. This evidence is in conjunction with the Commonplace website where people have also left comments. The Commonplace website can be accessed here.


Health Information

Health information regarding Maghull has been provided by South Sefton CCG and used to inform the Neighbourhood Plan process.
The information has been provided on a Sefton Ward basis and is reproduced with kind permission of the CCG.

Sudell Ward
Park Ward
Molyneux Ward
Living Well In Sefton


Maghull Town Council consulted with various individuals, groups, organisations and councils during the process of producing this Neighbourhood Plan. The list of those consulted for the Regulation 14 consultation is given in the Consultation Statement below. Not everyone responded to the Council but the responses we did receive are listed within the Consultation Statement.

We asked people at other times what they thought about the Plan. Some examples of the methods of communication and the responses are given below.

Consultation Statement
Presentation to Neighbouring Parish Councils (Lydiate & Aintree Village PCs)
What 3 things do you like about Maghull? Example