Neighbourhood Plan

The referendum has been held and the result can be seen below

Thank you to everyone who voted. The Plan will now be made by Sefton Council on 24th January 2019 and used to determine planning applications for Maghull.

The Neighbourhood Plan will now go to a referendum on it's adoption. The referendum is being held so that residents of Maghull can decide whether to accept the Neighbourhood Plan now that it is complete.

Maghull Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Version can be found here.

The referendum question will be

'Do you want Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Maghull to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

If residents vote "Yes" then the Neighbourhood Plan policies will be used to determine planning applications for Maghull. If residents vote "No" then Sefton MBC policies will be used without any policies developed by Maghull residents.

Polling cards have been delivered to homes in Maghull already. Polling stations will be open from 7.00 am until 10.00 pm.

More information on the referendum can be found here. This booklet has details on what is a neighbourhood plan and the reasons for the referendum.

The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum will be held on Tuesday 18 December 2018. For more information go to Sefton's website at

Maghull Neighbourhood Development Plan

Independent Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan

Letter from Patrick Whitehead, Examiner, dated 17 August 2018
Response to Examiner dated 28 August 2018

Letter from Patrick Whitehead, Examiner, dated 28 August 2018
Response to Examiner dated 14th September from Maghull Town Council
Response to the Examiner dated 14th September from Sefton Council

Examiner's Final Report

Regulation 16 Consultation

The Regulation 16 Consultation has now closed. Sefton MBC will now pass on all of the comments received to the Independent Examiner. A summary of the comments can be found below together with the comments themselves. Please note that the personal details on the comments have been redacted.

Summary of Comments
Janet Ward
Sport England
Network Rail
United Utilities
Natural England
Historic England
National Grid
Gerard Crilly 1
Maureen Webb
John Miller
Gerard Crilly 2
Gerard Crilly 3
Environment Agency
White Peak Planning
Barton Wilmore

There has been an unsolicited comment received regarding the Neighbourhood Plan. This can be found below.

Gerard Crilly 4

The Neighbourhood Development Plan is now ready to be submitted to Sefton Council for the Regulation 16 consultation which is the next stage of the process. Following the consultation Maghull Town Council undertook with residents last autumn the finished plan can be found via the link below. There is also a Character Assessment for Maghull which will be submitted at the same time which can also be found below.
In addition a Basic Conditions Statement and a Consultation Statementwill be submitted.

Maghull Neighbourhood Plan
Character Assessment
Basic Conditions Statement
Consultation Statement

Further details of the evidence used to produce the Plan can be found on the accompanying page to this - Neighbourhood Plan Evidence

The Neighbourhood Development Plan will cover the following themes:

Housing: Maghull’s housing stock is varied and interesting with a good choice. We want to see this continued with any development which takes place in Maghull. We also want to ensure that starter homes are included as well as homes specifically targeted for our more elderly citizens.

Infrastructure: Any development within Maghull should address the issues with infrastructure currently being experienced. This includes better access both on the road network as well as investment by Merseytravel.

Health and Wellbeing: The population of Maghull is concerned about the availability of doctors and dentists as well as access to primary healthcare facilities. The Neighbourhood Plan will look to address these issues. The Plan will also address the public amenity of the parks and gardens enjoyed by residents to ensure this key aspect is maintained or approved.

Local Economy: The local economy will be addressed particularly with regard to regeneration of the Town Centre and how policies could be developed to help with this.

When made, and following a successful referendum of the local community, the Neighbourhood Development Plan will supersede any relevant policies in the Council's Local Plan and be used to determine planning applications.

Maghull Town Council would like to acknowledge the grant of £6,550 provided by Locality under the auspices of the Supporting Communities & Neighbourhoods in Planning Programme.