A message from Councillor Patrick McKinley  –  Leader of Maghull Town Council

I hope that you will find the web site is both useful, informative, and a real opportunity for transparency in your local council.  The website will provide the main link between the Town Council and local people and will reduce the use of paper to keep you informed.

It will give you,  the taxpayers of Maghull, an opportunity not only to find out what is going on in the council and how your money is being spent, but also what is going on in the community of Maghull on a day to day basis. 

As the elected representatives of the town of Maghull, we are charged with attempting to protect and enhance those aspects of the area that still make Maghull a pleasant place to live and bring up a family. We have aspirations for our town, its places and its people, we are committed to continue the work we have started to develop the sense of place and community in our area, we want to do more to help our young people find employment, support our local residents, ensure our health services respond to individual need, our transport system is fit for purpose and doesn't leave residents stranded and develop our assets. In short, we want to develop our town to be be a great place to live, work and play.

Unfortunately, we are living in times of austerity and we have recently been hit with a budget cut of 1/3, this is a massive reduction in our income and we need to think 'out of the box' to ensure we can continue to provide and develop services for the people of Maghull. This is why our focus has been on becoming a much more financially prudent council and simultaneously developing the council as an enterprise council so we can generate additional income to help us to achieve our aspirations for the people of Maghull.

Maghull Town Council, The Town Hall and the extremely well maintained Parks, Gardens and Sports pitches, are financed by your local taxes and are owned by you, the community. They are your facilities and it is important that you are all involved in their use, management and supervision.

There are 7 main aims the Council wants to achieve for the people of Maghull

  1. To continue to maintain and improve the quality of our parks and open spaces
  2. To work with Sefton Council and other partners to provide better services to the people of Maghull
  3. To ensure strong financial management of the council’s resources
  4. To become an enterprising council and generate additional income for the benefit of Maghull residents
  5. To involve local communities in the decisions that affect them
  6. To promote and develop opportunities for the youth of Maghull
  7. To enhance social value for the residents of Maghull through council activities

How we will achieve our aims

Over the next two years we will build on this work and have identified our priorities through an MTC development plan which includes facilitating the community feedback on the Local Plan, working with the town team to open a retail enterprise hub in Maghull Central Square which will give aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own business, our long awaited Maghull Radio where we will train young people in radio and media, and we are keen to develop closer partnerships with all local schools, voluntary and community groups and businesses.

We have developed a two year action/implementation plan to help us to deliver our aspirations for the town and I have provided a summary below for your information
 Maghull Town Council: Objectives for 2013-14/15

The web site will give the information you need to add your thoughts to how our community should work and I would like to invite you to make your suggestions and truly have your say on a regular basis. You are also of course welcome to contact the town hall directly, to meet with councillors at regular surgeries, and to attend council meetings. It is even possible to address the council directly for a few minutes at the start of every meeting. Details on how to do this can be found on our Council and Democracy pages.

I am proud of my association with Maghull, and working in partnership with the communities of Maghull will aim to improve our environment and create opportunities is at the heart of the new council's thinking.

I hope that together, councillors, community organisations and ordinary members of the public can work together to further develop ways to benefit everyone.  I do hope that you will visit this site regularly and use it as an additional community facility open to all.

Patrick McKinley (Leader of the Council)