Message From The Leader Of The Council
A Manifesto For Maghull

Protecting and developing Maghull

Over the past two years we have seen the positive impact our plans for Maghull are having, we have achieved all the targets we set out to in our two year plan, but this is not the end of our ambitions for our town. Our manifesto builds on what we have achieved and sets out a clear vision for the next four years.

Pledge 1. Developing and protecting our community: Protecting Maghull against the Governments developers Charter by developing a Neighbourhood plan based on the expressed wishes of Maghull residents. Maximising benefits for our community using new locally devised planning powers. Implementing a Green strategy to develop and protect the ‘green’ nature of Maghull.

Pledge 2. Continue to be a financially prudent and enterprising council delivering additional value for our residents: by not increasing the local precept and starting to pay off the council debts left by the previous administration. Continue to be an enterprise council by generating additional income to reinvest in our town.

Pledge 3. Develop Leisure and amenity activities for all our residents: Develop and consolidate our programme of leisure and community activities, including Maghull Festivals, Fireworks display, Christmas lights and tree. Build a new bandstand and offer free outdoor concerts during the summer. Develop a new woodland trail, wildlife corridors, walks, cycle trails and opening greater community access to land and the creation of a unique Plant heritage centre.

Pledge 4. Developing community services: Working in closer collaboration with our voluntary community and faith sectors to develop service across Maghull for all our residents. Develop Services for older residents, including the annual Christmas party, hamper deliveries and our winter services strategy in case of extreme weather. Develop a programme to support residents who may be isolated because of need or age. Develop services for our younger people including refreshing the youth council for the area.

Pledge 5. Developing enterprise, education and training: Establish a Maghull Business and Community Forum and continue to expand our apprenticeship and our community based work experience and job creation projects. Develop education and training opportunities; continue to develop Maghull Media by testing the feasibility of a Maghull TV facility and a Community Magazine for Maghull to complement the activities of Maghull Radio.