Council Meetings

Maghull Town Council meetings run from the municipal year commencing in May. All meetings will take place on a Wednesday and start at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber at Maghull Town Hall, except for Personnel Committee which will be held on a Monday and start at 10.30 am. Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings except for Personnel Committee.

Municipal Calendar 2019/20

Full Council
The Council consists of 16 members and meets approximately every 6 weeks. Members of the public are allowed to attend meetings of the Council and can take part in the public participation section at the start of every meeting. You can have 5 minutes to address the Council on your issues or concerns. If you would like to take part in the Public Participation part of the meeting, you should contact our Administration Team on 0151 526 3705 and advise your attendance to the meeting. If you have any concerns, our Staff can offer you helpful advice on how to present your issues. A guidance sheet has been produced to help you. Copies can be posted, emailed to you, or collected from Maghull Town Hall.

Full Council is responsible for:-
  • Setting the Annual Budget for Maghull
  • Deciding what the spending priorities are going to be
  • Representing the views of local residents to Sefton Council on local issues (for example planning, new building developments etc)
  • Deciding which projects will be carried out for the benefit of the community
  • Managing and improving the parks and open spaces in Maghull owned by the Council, including recreational facilities at Maghull Town Hall.
  • Managing the Town Hall and providing free time for local community groups to use it
  • Promoting the involvement of local communities in decisions that affect them and supporting local community groups and organisations set up and develop
  • In addition, the Council makes decisions on matters referred to it by other committees.

Finance & General Purposes Committee
It is the most important Committee of the Council because it is responsible for the Management of the Council’s finances. This is your money paid to the Council as the precept. The Chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee is Councillor Tony Carr.

Finance & General Purposes Committee is responsible for:-
  • Producing the Annual Budget for approval by Full Council.
  • Monitoring the financial performance of the Council.
  • Making recommendations on spending priorities to the Full Council.
  • Complies with all legal and financial rules.
  • Operates fairly and follows the proper procedures laid down in the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.
  • Makes reports and recommendations to the Council about internal and external audit reports (audits are carried out at intervals throughout the year).
  • Looks after the Councils risk management strategy and policy.
  • Oversees the Council’s Performance and Objectives strategy.
  • Makes sure the Council’s insurance arrangements are properly in place.
  • Agreeing the projects to be delivered in Maghull.

Amenities Committee
This is made up of 6 members of the Council. The Chair of Amenities Committee is Councillor Yvonne Sayers.

Amenities Committee evaluates the work of the council to make sure that it:-
  • Managing budget for parks & facilities.
  • Developing work programme for parks and open spaces

Community Services Committee
This is made up of 9 members of the Council. The Chair of the Community Services Committee is Councillor Clare Carragher

Community Support & Engagement decides events and community development projects including:-
  • Managing the budget for community development.
  • Agreeing the events timetable.
  • Issuing community grants in line within Council guidelines
  • Working with external partners to support the community
  • Attracting external funding for projects to benefit the community
  • Set strategic goals and objects for council communications strategy.

Personnel Sub Committee*
The Personnel Committee is made up of 6 members of the Council and is Chaired by Councillor X.

Personnel Sub Committee responsibilities are:-
  • Deal with recruitment and selection of employees
  • Manage discipline and grievance issues amongst the workforce
  • Make sure proper management arrangements are in place for the workforce
  • Make decisions on training and development of the workforce
​​​​​​​*Please note that members of the public cannot attend meetings of the Personnel Committee. ​​​​​​​
Guidance for taking part in Public Participation
  • You must be a Registered Elector in Maghull to take part in public participation.
  • You may address a meeting of the council on any issue or concern you wish to tell the council.
  • Written notice must be given to the Town Clerk 8 days before the meeting of the question(s) to be asked. This is so we can give you a full response at the meeting.
  • You will be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes to speak. The Chairman has the discretion to allow extra time for you to speak.
  • You may use notes or a prepared statement to help you.
  • You must not make any party political statements to the council under public participation.
  • Apart from direct questions to the chairman, no general discussion is allowed by other members of the council about your statement.
  • The decision of the council about the statement you make will be communicated to you in due course.
  • Full details can be found in our Constitution